Terms and Conditions / Park Information

Allocations - We accept requests for specific sites or units, your request will be noted but not guaranteed.

Ballina - Despite our peaceful rural location, we are only 4.9kms to the nearest shopping complex – this is just near the ferry with Bunnings, West Tower Tavern, Dan Murphy’s, Spar supermarket, newsagent, doctors, chemist etc. We are then about 9kms from the centre of town or to the two large shopping complexes with cinema, pool and gym.

Bathrooms -There are three amenity blocks, including baby bath facilities, disabled bathroom and coin operated laundries. Washing machines and dryers take $1 coins or tokens, and are $5 per load.

BeachSouth Ballina Beach is 31 km long, the second longest in the state, running in a long sweeping arc from the southern Richmond River entrance wall, uninterrupted to the smaller entrance walls at the mouth of the Evans River, at Evans Head. To get to the beach it is a short walk from your bungalow or tent – about 4 to 8 minutes walking. 

This beach is unpatrolled, and is prone to inner bar rips and the offshore bar and trough. If you are swimming here, watch for longshore and rip currents, do not swim near the training walls or in the river mouth. Be very careful if bathing up the beach as rips and strong currents in the longshore trough dominate. Stay on the attached portions of the inner bar and away from the rip holes and side currents.

Boats - Boats and trailers must be notified on arrival and must fit entirely in your cabin carport or site.

CabinsAll the linen, bedding & bath towels are provided, along with basic amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. All cabins have air conditioning for your comfort.  During winter it can be cold; we recommend bringing additional doona’s if you are sensitive to the cold.

CaféOur café and kiosk is generally open from 8.30am to 5pm, and to 8pm on Friday and Saturday. During school holidays we operate till later each night with food service. If you would like to dine on the deck please book as tables are limited. See our free entertainment and dining schedule.

Check In - Check in is available from 2pm. Early check in are available on a request basis only, and may be subject to an additional surcharge.  Please arrange this with the booking agent upon booking, or call us the day prior to arrival to arrange.

If you wish to arrive outside of the normal office operating hours, please contact us to make arrangements for payment of your booking and collection of keys (where applicable). 

We also ask that if you are checking in on a site after 8pm, that you respect the peace and comfort of your fellow campers, and do not use tent pegs, hammers or anything that may disrupt them.

Check Out - Checkout is 10am; subject to availability we may be able to offer you a late checkout. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any late check-outs during the holiday period.  Additional charges may apply for a late check out.

Children - It is our duty of care to advise all parents that the new Australian Standards Recommend that children under the age of 9 years should not sleep on the top bunk or elevated beds as it can be dangerous. Cots are available on a request basis only.

Cooking - Our camp kitchen is available for your use, and features indoor BBQ’s, oven, fridge & freezer, microwave, jug and toaster, with indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the park. We ask that you limit the use of the camp kitchen after 10pm for the comfort of your fellow campers.

All cabins have cooking facilities including a cooktop, microwave oven, and fridge; and also includes crockery, cutlery and glasses plus basic pots and pans.

Deposits - Part payments are welcome any time with all of our bookings.  Please see our cancellation and deposit policy for minimum deposit requisites and cancellation period and fees.

Dogs - Yes, you can bring your pooch!  We are pet friendly in every sense of the word, with our off lead and socialisation area, as well as allowing pets on every site, in every cabin,

Please advise us that you have a dog(s) prior to arrival. To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of our guests (two and four legged), there are three main requirements for having your dog stay.

  • Please keep your dogs are on a leash at all times in the park
  • Please do not leave your dogs unattended (they are social creatures, and do not like to be left alone)
  • Please ensure you pick up after your dogs (doggie bags are provided around the park).

It is expected that dogs are not aggressive or inclined to bark an unreasonable amount.  It is also expected that your dog is vaccinated, and has been appropriately socialised – especially with children.

The beach in front of us is NOT pet friendly (government rules, not ours) however the beach to the south is – this is called Patches Beach and is around a ten-minute drive. National Parks and Council do enforce the beach, and will impose a $330 fine by National Parks if you are found on the beach with your dog.

Ferry - The ferry times are 5.30am to 12 midnight. The ferry does not run from 9am till noon every second Tuesday of the month for maintenance reasons. It is also out for about one week every year for longer maintenance. Council is unable to provide us with forward scheduling of this outage until the week before. If you have a low towing vehicle it is advisable to go the long way around as you may bottom out on the ferry ramp, particularly at low tide.
Our ferry drivers are a great bunch of professionals who do a terrific job, please assist them by getting out of your car and going to the Ferry Master’s window with your $6.50 or EFTPOS card for each car and same for trailer/ van. Weekly and monthly tickets are available on the ferry. (Ferry fee’s change annually, and are correct at the time of publication; for further information, please contact Ballina Beach Village)

Fishing - All adults over the age of 16 years who are not on a pension are required to have a NSW fishing license. These are $8 for 3 days, or $15 for 1 month, and are available at our kiosk.  If you require a yearly license, please purchase these online – unfortunately we are unable to process these in store.

Bring your fishing rods – the local fishing is excellent with beach, river and rock wall spots (dhu fish, taylor, salmon, whiting, flat head, black fish, bream & snapper just to name a few!).
We also have bait & tackle, and ice for sale in the Kiosk, as well as fishing rods for hire.  Please speak to your booking agent for more information.

Fires -Yes, we allow camp fires! For the safety of all of our guests, there are certain conditions that we ask our guests to adhere to, and fires are permitted in braziers only. If you have your own brazier, we ask that you let us approve them prior to use; alternatively, you can hire one from us for $10 per day. Please complete the Brazier form from the office regardless of whether you are using your brazier or renting ours.

Fire must be in a brazier with legs and a solid pan to catch all the ashes and coals. Braziers not to be on cabin verandas, under awnings, under trees or within 3m of a tree trunk or any structure. Please be mindful of wind and placement of your brazier to ensure that smoke is not disturbing your neighbours.

Please do not bring in outside firewood, and we ask that you refrain from cutting or breaking trees or branches on our property or any of the surrounding national park or other lands.

You can have a fire in a brazier at all times of the year.  We may impose a park ban if management deems it too hazardous; or during total fire bans or high winds (please check the NSW Rural Fire Service website). Fires must be put out if directed by the management to do so.

At no time are fires to be left unattended.  This is a serious fire risk, and will not be tolerated.

Flora - We run an extensive tree-pruning and maintenance program, however despite our best efforts sometimes nature has other ideas. The park takes no responsibility for damage caused by falling branches, or from the elements.

Fauna - Our park is home to a range of wildlife including the glossy black cockatoos, echidnas, wallabies, breaded dragons and pythons. Please treat all wildlife with respect, and do not approach, feed or otherwise interfere with the natural activities of wildlife.

The adjacent Richmond River Reserve including Mobbs Bay is a great spot for bird watching to many species of birds including the pied oyster catcher, ospreys and more, with dugong, dolphins and loggerhead turtles also sighted in the river.

Where the long open white sandy beach meets the South Ballina break wall is a haven for sea and shore birds, including the endangered Pied Oystercatcher and dolphins are a common sight close to shore.

During the winter months, whale watching is a popular attraction in the Ballina Shire with the humpback whale migration occurring annually from June through until October. You can often spot these magnificent creatures as they come through from the South Ballina Breakwall, South Ballina.     

Noise - We ask that all guests observe the 10pm noise curfew. Noise carries at night, and even talking can be very disturbing to other guests. We have zero tolerance for disruptive, aggressive, abusive or destructive behaviour and you will be asked to leave.  A five hundred dollar security bond may be charged at the discretion of Ballina Beach Village, per site.  This bond will be charged at the discretion of management in its entirety the event disruptive, aggressive, abusive or destructive behaviour is observed in the park, after repeated attempts to alleviate the situation.  If Immediate danger or a threat is sensed, police will be asked to attend, and bond charged in its entirety.   Please do not allow children to ride bikes or scooters after dark.

Sewerage - We process all sewerage on site, so please do not put harsh chemicals, nappies, solid materials or excessive toilet paper into the toilets and sinks.  This may disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in our treatment, resulting in

Sites - If you are unclear as to where you should be camping, please ask us for clarification. We do not recommend that you camp within 15m of the big green fence of the Treatment Plant.

Swimming - Please be very cautious of the open water and big surf we experience here. It is a very long (31 km) and straight beach so like many others in Australia it has gutters and rips. Do not swim alone and if caught in a rip do not fight it – let it take you out, stay afloat and attract attention. If you are confident, swim parallel to the beach – often this is towards the breaking waves, which can assist you back to shore. If you are not confident – do not go in. Our policy is to advise guests not to swim on the beach but use the pool.

Tariffs                     Our rates are based on two guests per site or cabin; but of course, additional guests are more than welcome. Additional guests are from $5 per person for unpowered, $10 per person for powered sites, and $15 per person for cabins. Infants 4 years and under are no additional charge. Rates are subject to change with annual increases.

Vehicles - Please drive at 4 Km/hr at all times and watch out for pedestrians & bike riders, particularly children. Only 1 vehicle per site or cabin unless specifically arranged with the office. Additional vehicles may be parked on the nature strip next to the road outside the village fence.

Water - We are an eco-destination with amazing on site bore, rain water and sewerage treatment plant.  Please use our water wisely – it is a precious commodity, so please no long showers.

Our rainwater is collected from every roof via our first catchment system, double filtered and then sterilised with UV light before arriving at your tap – either in the long gooseneck taps in the cabins, or directly to your hose attachment on a powered site. Please ensure that you do not use the water provided to your powered site or fire hoses to hose down equipment, cars or boats.

We also have bore water which is filtered at many stages and then sterilised with a small amount of chlorine which we use for the washing up taps, showers, bathrooms in the cabins.  During a dry season, the bore water can get very concentrated as it is highly mineralised with iron, calcium and magnesium (in fact it is very good to bathe in for this reason). It is quite potable, but the taste is strong and we don’t recommend you drink it, or fill your water tanks with it.

The minerals in the bore water make it somewhat corrosive. Please note that we do not recommend that you wash your car with it. Similarly, you will see corrosion on the stainless steel cutlery and the taps in the bathroom. Our apologies, this is not in anyway indicative of lack of cleanliness but rather a symptom of the bore water minerals which deposit within 12 hours on all metal surfaces.

4WDs - South Ballina to Evans Head is an exceptional 4WD beach, with just under 30kms of “beach highway” and no four-wheel drive permit required.

There are three access points; the first being at the South Wall of South Ballina just near the Ballina Beach Village. It is an access track maintained by National Parks and Wildlife with an all-weather track onto the beach. The next point is at Patches Beach (which is a dog friendly beach). The track can be difficult for lower four-wheel drives.  Finally, the Evans Head track is a good exit or entrance point for most vehicle types.

For beach driving it is recommended that you let down your tyres down to half of their usual pressure – for this we have an air compressor located close to the reception for guests to reinflate upon returning.

PLEASE NOTE: If you get bogged we are not able to come and assist you as we do not have a 4WD or the staff to do so - you need to be very aware of the tides. Do not drive to the beach within 2 hours either side of high tide as you are likely to get bogged and possibly lose your vehicle. You can go all the way to Evans Head most times at low tide. The speed limit on the beach is a strict 40km. Please check the tide time here.  No permit is required. 
On the approach to Evans Head, there looms the ‘coffee rocks’ which can be a bit ‘quick-sandish’.  We recommend that four-wheel drivers ensure they pick a low tide to be able to get a bit of distance around the rock.

The information provided regarding 4WD is a guide only and should not be considered instruction. Our kiosk and office staff are not trained professionals, and can give generalised advice based on hearsay only.  We recommend undertaking 4WD rescue and recovery training prior to driving on South Ballina beach, and never to do so alone.  If you choose to drive on the beach, you do so at your own free will.