Bike Riding At South Ballina Beach Village

If you are the type of person who likes to choose your holiday around the activities that you love to do, then the Ballina Beach Village is a great contender for bike riders.

The roads around the village are an exceptional blend of flat race roads and good hill climbs if you want to get off the beaten track.  The AIS regularly trains its Northern Rivers contingent along these roads and it is clearly popular with the many recreational bikers who get into gear here.

The handy Bike Map site lists a great 36km bike ride for you at this link  Also, at low tide, the bike ride to Evans Head along the beach is sensational and large groups take advantage of the winter conditions in particular, with cool sunny days, calm seas and hard packed sand.

If you would like to know more ring Ballina Beach Village and discuss bringing your bicycle group for a stay. Phone 0266863347