Four Wheel Driving – Free At South Ballina

The exceptional beach four wheel drive from South Ballina to Evans Head is just under 30kms, and is a glorious stretch of golden sand, great fishing spots and unique scenery.

There are three access points to this particular stretch of beach – the first being at the South Wall of South Ballina just near the Ballina Beach Village, Dolphin Bay. It is an access track maintained by National Parks and Wildlife with an all weather track onto the beach.

The next point is at Patches Beach (which is a dog friendly beach). The track can be difficult for lower four-wheel drives.  Finally the Evans Head track is a good exit or entrance point as well.

On the approach to Evans Head, there looms the ‘coffee rocks’ which can be a bit ‘quick-sandish’.  We recommend that four-wheel drivers ensure they pick a low tide to be able to get a bit of distance around the rock.

Best of all, no four-wheel drive permit is required for this gorgeous stretch of four-wheel heaven. The Ballina Beach Village is the nearest camping and cabin accommodation and offers bait, tackle and ice. The Ballina Beach Village also allows fires in braziers and pets year, however rules apply.

If you want to know more about four wheel driving at South Ballina then ring the Ballina Beach Village on 0266863347.

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